The old man is happy and helps longevity

The old man is happy and helps longevity

To be happy, you must do it in real life: be willing to accept suggestions, help and advice from others; be honest and have a sense of justice; be eager to help others, be good at forgiving and sympathizing with others, giving others joy and happiness while being yourselfI will also get joy and happiness from it.

  (1) There must be at least one hobby: a person has good hobbies in life, such as collecting stamps, reading books, rowing or planting flowers, which makes people feel full, satisfied and happy.

  (2) Can try new things: When people’s lives are surrounded by monotonous and dull “old”, they will feel unpleasant. If you go to a new event, you can expand your life and bring new fun to your life.

  (3) I expect to do more: In life, if you rely too much on others and expect too much from others, you will be easily disappointed.

If you can establish the concept of doing everything yourself and doing your own work well, you can avoid many distress caused by disappointment.

  (4) Make a few close friends: Friendship helps the body to be healthy. When you meet with friends for a while, you can talk and talk in a broad way. You can increase your knowledge and exchange information, and you can confess your anger to your friends.Will solve problems for you, and instantly enhance your confidence and courage to eliminate difficulties and sorrows.

  (5) Don’t drill the tip of the horn: You can’t look at the dead body when you look at anything, otherwise it will be easy to drill the horns.

It is necessary to learn to look at objects and analyze problems from different angles, to find different ways to solve problems, and the complications are caused by the rigidity of the problem.

  (6) Learn to be generous and generous: In life, even people who are very close to their own relationship have angered you and blamed you, and you have to relax the scale of responsibility.

The time is long, “seeing people for a long time”, people will be happy to get along with you, and you will also taste the joy and comfort brought by the harmonious relationship.

  (7) Happy to admit failures and defects: A person will inevitably encounter failures, frustrations, or some kind of flaws in themselves.

Therefore, remember the words of the philosopher William James: “When you are willing to admit the facts that have been made, and are willing to accept what has happened, you have the first step to overcome any unfortunate consequences.

“(8) Sticking to Faith: A firm belief is a good way to overcome setbacks and failures. The transforming people are freed from their pains, and they can flex their strengths, and they are comfortable in both good times and adversities.

  (9) Establish appropriate expectations: What is the appropriate expectation?

To proceed, you should remember this sentence.

“There is no way to be happy, it is something that is beyond our power, don’t worry.”

Otherwise, it is to worry about yourself.