Use your heart – support health

Use your “heart” – support health

Running around in the workplace, maybe fierce competition and cold assessment will quickly bend you down, no way, this is work!
Everything has to go on.
After the anxiety on Sunday night, the new week will start; I really don’t want to see the boss’s face again, and I have to be respectful every day. What else can I change?
Only mindset.
In fact, the mentality has changed, the mental health is healthy, and people will change.
  Mental health standards
Have a sense of security in life, because security is the most basic need of people.
Make appropriate judgments about your abilities and do not work beyond your abilities.
Life goals are realistic and avoid unnecessary frustration.
Keep in touch with the outside world and enrich your life.
Maintain the integrity and harmony of your personality and maintain good interpersonal relationships.
Have a certain learning ability in order to update the knowledge structure and take less detours to achieve more success.
Ability to moderately express and control one’s emotions.
Unpleasant emotions must be released in order to achieve a psychological balance.
However, it cannot be vented excessively. Otherwise, it will affect your own life and exacerbate interpersonal contradictions, which will be beneficial to your physical and mental health.
Limited play of your talents and hobbies, but can not hinder the interests of others, and can not harm the interests of the group.
  Don’t let your heart get tired. People who are unhealthy often have symptoms of psychological stress or mental fatigue.
If psychological stress is not alleviated and eliminated in a long period of time, then there will be many negative consequences.
First of all, the impact on physical and mental health, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, dizziness, etc., are related to psychological stress and psychological stress; secondly, depression, anxiety, aggression and so on caused by excessive psychological stress burdenBad mentality will directly affect people’s daily life, work and study.
  When psychological stress is generated, if it is not adjusted and channeled, it will cause adverse reactions.
Therefore, when you feel irritable, depressed, and nervous, you may wish to take proper venting laws, sports laws, travel laws, and confession laws.
A healthy laugh is the best way to eliminate fatigue;
Silence helps to reduce blood pressure, and it is best to remain silent when it is not necessary to speak;
Slowing down the pace of life helps to relieve stress; 4.
Calmly deal with all kinds of complicated problems, do wrong things, don’t worry about it, in fact, anyone can make mistakes;
Don’t be afraid to admit that you have limited ability, and learn to say “no” at the right time;
To treat the future, we must believe that “there must be a road before the car arrives at the mountain.”
  Psychological balance is not equal to mental health People usually think that psychological balance represents mental health. In fact, mental health is not a state of balance and adaptation. It is the middle position in the psychological poles.
If “balance” is health, then a person who satisfies the status quo, does not pursue, and does not think aggressively, is internally balanced because he does not have frustration or conflict, but this is not mental health.
If “adaptation” is health, then now there are people in the society who talk about people, and when they talk about ghosts, they can’t be mentally healthy.In fact, these two kinds of people can only be called the main shaft shell without soul, or called the educated market.

  Mental health is ultimately a life attitude.

People with mental health look at the world with a positive eye and look at the things around them.

  Take off colored glasses, worries, worries, scars, emotional stress and anxiety. The autonomic nervous disorder can also be directed against many people, headache, dizziness, body aches and weakness, stiff neck, not easy to fall asleep, easy to dream, dry mouth, depressed chest, sometimes heartbeatSoon it seems to be out of breath, sometimes it is bloating, too much stomach acid, bad appetite, sometimes hot, sometimes cold hands and feet, habitual diarrhea or frequent urination.

If you have these symptoms, but you can’t find any reason, it is likely to be a self-regulatory disorder.

Psychologist Emer put forward the “three A method”: understand: first of all, to admit that you are mentally depressed; secondly, pay attention to your own emotional changes, whether words and deeds are abnormal, and differences in feelings and body reactions.

  Answer: Learn to recognize and record in a timely manner whenever an error occurs.

Ask yourself: “Is this true?

Then ask yourself: “What should I look at from another aspect?”

“Action: If you feel that you are not being noticed, then you have to change a new way; if you can’t do it at work, you should take a course to improve your skills or find a new job.

Plan more activities to regularize your life.

The next page is a total of 2 pages, the[1][2]page of compression and decompression, so that depressed and go with the wind ● life should be regular, nutrition should be balanced.

Many people’s stress or anxiety is caused by confusion or lack of sleep during working hours.

Balancing enough food energy provides the energy the body needs, and good nutrition stabilizes the nervous system.

  ● You can exercise every day.

Exercise can quickly change the brain’s chemicals and regulate hormones.

Gradually relieved movements such as walking, Tai Chi or yoga can significantly increase the concentration of serum tensin in the brain, relieve anxiety and increase inner stability.

Intense aerobic exercise can increase the concentration of dopamine and norepinephrine, enhance heart and muscle strength, and make people feel refreshed and energized.

  ● Keep thinking positively.

The best way to stop this idea is to force yourself to think about something else, or to look at the same thing from different angles.

  ● Be kind to yourself and do something that makes you happy every day.

  ● Dating once a week with a close friend.

Never face stress or worry alone.

  ● Learn a new thing.

Can give yourself a new life motivation, new things can bring a new vision or feeling, let life keep moving forward.

To be happy, you must grow up.

  ● No news is good news.

Long-term exposure to retinal uneasiness is difficult to avoid worries or tensions, and to learn to select and filter information.