Lazy fast thin belly 7 big 诀窍

Lazy fast thin belly 7 big 诀窍

Click to buy every day to eat fruits and vegetables to abdomen can not be separated from the body to lose weight, so the total conversion of control transfer is quite necessary.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is not only easy to produce satiety, but also can reduce the desire to eat desserts, transform, eat more fiber-filled foods, can effectively treat constipation, and constipation is one of the culprit of the long belly.

  Front waist down, waist down, legs upright, arms and head drooping, hanging in the air, do not force your hands to touch the ground, try to relax the muscles, then naturally step on the muscles of the legs, stop for about 1 minute, then repeat 3Times, twice a day, it will be effective if you insist on it!

  Sit-ups in order to achieve the effect of increasing weight and excessive meat, practicing sit-ups every day is a good way to close the waist, but pay attention to control the rhythm, avoid doing too many times at the beginning, slowly increase the number of times, otherwiseIt can cause muscle soreness.

Also note that the part that controls the force is the waist, not the leg or arm.

  The supine position of the abdominal muscles moves in the supine position, the upper body is fixed, the upper legs are fixed, the legs are closed, and the body is vertical. While exhaling with the mouth, the legs move slowly downwards and continuously breathe 3?
4 breaths completely put your legs down, repeat 7?
8 minutes.

The goal is to tighten and preset the entire lower abdomen.

  It is the easiest way to slim down and climb the stairs. The effect is remarkable. The thin waist and thin stomach are effective.

When you climb the stairs, be careful not to hold the handrails. It is best to climb in two steps.

  If you turn your hula hoop and your belly is big, you should turn the hula hoop to let the aunt at the waist drop quickly and help burn the aunt.

The effect of insisting on 30 minutes per day is very significant.

  Persist in doing yoga while doing yoga while exercising in the abdomen, and can help you adjust your body shape and make you have a more perfect body.