The old man gets up early and the greedy bed is always healthy.

The old man gets up early and the greedy bed is always healthy.

When the old man gets up, he can’t learn the young man. When he blinks, he will climb up and do it.

Professor Li Yuehua, director of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Geriatrics Medical Center of Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, reminded that the elderly have poor blood circulation and most of them have joint strain. After a fixed posture sleep at night time, the muscles of the limbs are insufficiently supported, and often appear in the morning.Symptoms of morning stiffness, namely: the lower back joints, the muscles are stiff and sore.

At this time, if you do not warm up, get up quickly, bend over to wear shoes or wash your waist, so that the waist from the slack state of the supine, immediately change the posture of the flexion and back, will suddenly increase the lumbar load, the lumbar disc, the lumbosacral joint,The pressure of rupture of the ligament and joint capsule, especially the weight of the lumbar intervertebral disc and ligament, can easily cause a waist injury.

Usually, there are waist injuries, elderly people with lumbar protrusion or low back pain who are not paying attention, and are also prone to recurrence of lumbar protrusion.

  Professor Li Yuehua suggested that, first of all, the elderly should get up slowly, don’t rush to wash, and moderately move the waist.

You can sit in bed for about 5 minutes, then get up and get out of bed; you can also walk a few laps in the room to move your muscles and bones, while walking and rubbing your arms, then flexing and stretching and turning a few waists, while rubbing your hands, rubbing your back, shootingDozens of legs, promote blood circulation, a buffer for morning stiffness.

At this time, after the morning stiffness is relieved, the knee joint should be slightly bent when washing, and then bent forward. If you feel backache, you should stand upright.

Again, the washbasin is preferably moderately high, but it can be taller, but not too low, otherwise the lumbar spine will be excessively bent forward, which will increase back pain.

If the morning stiffness is serious, go to the hospital to rule out rheumatism, joint disease and so on.

  Professor Li Yuehua also reminded that there are still many behaviors in the early morning that can easily cause the elderly to have a waist injury. When bending over several times to do housework, the lumbar vertebrae are mostly in a flexed state. Repeated bending is easy to cause a waist injury. Suddenly sneezing, although it is a small amountThe bending action, but the stability of the elderly lumbar spine is poor, it is recommended to sneeze, it is best to take a straight waist, chest, hand to support the waist to maintain the stability of the lumbar spine; sitting in the morning to watch TV, will increase the waistThe pressure in the intervertebral disc is prone to cause the disc to protrude backwards.

In addition, it is best for the elderly to add a hard bed, sleeping in a side position, and slightly bending the lower limbs as well.