Zhou Yu hits the yellow cover in sexual metamorphosis

“Zhou Yu hits the yellow cover” in sexual metamorphosis

The scars on her body, Alan, were inadvertently discovered by her mother. My mother was so sad.
At first she thought it was the “sequel” of the two young couples, and she was still preparing to plead guilty to the new girl.
Who knows that after repeated questioning, the truth of the matter made her stunned. The violent behavior was that her daughter was willing to accept when she lived in a couple’s life, and she thought that only doing so would be “sufficient” and “sufficient.”
  The mother thought more and more wrong, suspected that her daughter had sexual psychological obstacles, so she accompanied her to the psychiatrist.
After patient conversation, the doctor unexpectedly brought another sexually impaired patient from her – a piece of hidden feelings of Mr. Li: Mr. Li is a computer engineer graduated from a famous university in China. He used to work in the northwest, despite his personality.Introverted and secluded, but the technology is first-class in the local area. Three years ago, the Raptors crossed the river and went south to the Bohai Sea. After hard work and bleak management, they finally owned a computer company in Guangzhou.
With his own working conditions and technical advantages, Li Gong is indulging in online leisure time, especially in the scene of “fist plus pillow, warm blood with gentleness”, or drunk in “drinking urine, acupuncture,The webpage of cutting the breasts, so that the more you look at the more addictive, into the obsessive realm of “can not have this one day”, has become a “networm”!
  While the business is booming, Li Gong’s emotional life is quite retarded. The girlfriend talks about a “collapse”. After the cohabiting girlfriend and his breakup, the wife who has been married for less than half a year is determined to divorce him.
Outsiders have been puzzled by this until the end of Alan’s words today: the original Li Gong had a quirky slap in the sex life, and the more intense the addictive – this is called ordinaryHow do women endure this cruelty of “dancing with wolves”?
  However, sometimes the world is unpredictable. “After he knows Alan, he has to fly.” After he met Alan, the need for “complementary” stabilized the marriage, so he had the “Zhou Yu to fight the yellow cover”.play.
  The two situations, such as Li Gong and Alan, are called sexual abuse and sexual abuse in medical psychology. They are collectively called “sexual abuse”.
  Sexual abuse is the application of physical or mental pain to a sexual object before or at the same time as sexual intercourse to obtain sexual pleasure and sexual impulses (not for other purposes, not for revenge, curiosity, etc.);Abuse refers to the physical or mental pain of sexual objects before or during sexual intercourse to obtain sexual pleasure and sexual impulses.
Severe sexual abuse of the genital organ of the victim, even seeing the blood as fast as to kill the object or the corpse, called “porn murderous mad”, has been reported at home and abroad.
This kind of “night horror”-style “rainy night killer” will undoubtedly cause great harm to the society, especially we need to be vigilant!
From the perspective of judicial psychiatry, sexual abuse – sexual abuse is routinely determined to be fully responsible.
  Scholars believe that sexually abused female patients are trying to overcome or offset their sexual sinful feelings through this symbolic “punishment” behavior.
  Although the cause of sexual abuse is still not clear, in Li Gong, we can still see two undesirable factors that promote sexual abuse.
One is his character.
Some foreign experts believe that: “Typical sexual abuse of patients is often shy, passive, people who have extreme prejudice against women and those who hate women.
According to Alan, “Macho” is more prominent in Li Gong. It is often said that he is hanging on his lips: “The horse bought by my wife, let me ride and let me play!”
The second is the erosion of his soul by the “spiritual opium” on the Internet “Yellow Pages”.
Experts have long pointed out that viewers exposed to obscene articles, in addition to causing primary damage (such as causing intense sexual excitement and continued masturbation), can also cause secondary damage (such as distortions and increases in sexual perception).Aggressiveness against women, etc.).
Studies have also shown that the longer the application of obscene articles, the longer the duration of sexual perversion, and the application of obscene articles also promotes repetitive crimes.
It can be seen that correcting bad personality tendencies in a timely manner and consciously resisting the adverse effects of “yellow” media has far-reaching significance for promoting mental health development.
  Sexually abused patients need special guidance from a psychiatrist.
  Finally, what we need to be clear is the true sexual abuse patients, whose behavior is not motivated to deliberately cause others or themselves to suffer, but these abuses can make them arouse sexual excitement.
We can sometimes see some such dramatic scenes: Sexual abusers are busy apologizing after sexual abuse of the sexual object, and care for love, so that the other side is ridiculous.
For the unfamiliar aliens of Susong, the clothes or the body are destroyed by blades, sharp needles, and corrosive potions. Those who quickly flee the scene after committing crimes are usually included in the category of sexual abuse.
  In the normal adult sex life, sometimes when you reach the orgasm, both sides may have mild snoring, snoring, biting, etc. If there is no excessive harm and it is not caused by these behaviors, it is notBelonging to sexual abuse, we must not be a soldier, because this is the real “player, love also.”