Caring for the health of the whole family, starting from the kitchen

Caring for the health of the whole family, starting from the kitchen

For a long time, the cooking characteristic of home-cooked food is “quick-fire cooking”. The oil in the non-turning pot is so sizzling that it will not be able to smoulder until the smoke is smoked.

This habit should be changed.

  Recent studies have confirmed that a large amount of fumes produced by frying, frying, frying, frying, and frying in the kitchen are scattered inside the kitchen space, and when the air invades the human respiratory tract, it will cause “oil smoke disease”, which is called “oil fume synthesis” in medicine.Sign.”
People who have this syndrome often have symptoms such as loss of appetite, upset, lack of energy, lethargy, fatigue and weakness.

Although the amount of food is reduced, the weight is growing unconsciously, which is one of the reasons why too many chefs are fat and thick.

  In this case, the soot will pose a threat to the human sensory organs.

Such as eye and eye oil smoke after irritation, itching, blurred vision, conjunctival congestion, prone to chronic conjunctivitis; mucosal congestion and edema after stimulation of the nose, olfactory sensation, can cause chronic rhinitis; throat dry throat, itchy throat, easyForm chronic pharyngitis and so on.

  Even more frightening is that the soot contains a carcinogen called benzopyrene, and long-term inhalation of this harmful substance can induce cancer of the lung tissue.

It is said that cancer experts have observed that the chances of housewives suffering from lung cancer have been rising, even more than men who smoke long-term.

  The incidence of fume syndrome is directly related to the quality of the oil.

In many countries in Europe and America, a new generation of health oil products such as low-smoke pure corn germ oil is popular, which is beneficial to eliminate the harm of soot.