How to reach orgasm with your lover at the same time of sex

How to reach orgasm with your lover at the same time of sex

Masturbation in front of the mirror makes you feel that you are the master of sexual desire. You may want to wear sexy underwear or a fancy apron, then play the actors of porn movies and perform masturbation for the imaginary audience.

Just add some interesting black leather accessories and you can make a hostess or male owner who is tortured and entertained.

Learn to be your own lust and plaything when your sexual desire personality appears.

  In short, this is simply to have a psychological climax with yourself, and to love the infinite energy of your erotic images.

Be your own voyeur and exposer.

The female climax is simple, but it is extremely difficult to achieve it!

Today, let’s talk about the climax of this phenomenon!

  According to some online scholars, the type of orgasm is mainly due to the climactic physiological and psychological manifestations of ever-changing women.

  Sexual orgasm is simple and complicated.

For example, are there several forms of female orgasm?

Who has multiple orgasms?

There is currently no consensus.

The experience of women’s orgasm is even more varied and has a wide range of names.

We still start with the type of female orgasm.

  At present, the more consistent view is that female orgasm is divided into three categories, namely, clitoris orgasm, vaginal orgasm and clitoris vaginal mixed orgasm.

The clitoris orgasm can be achieved simply by masturbation, and the clitoris can be directly or indirectly stimulated during sexual intercourse.

Vaginal orgasm mainly involves the insertion and twitching of the penis into the vagina, causing an orgasm that is irritating to certain sensitive parts of the vagina and the uterus. The mixed orgasm has both forms of climax.

  Rather than obviously which one is the main one.

Vaginal orgasm is also called complete orgasm. It is similar to male orgasm. After sexual orgasm, there is fatigue and satisfaction. It seems that no further sexual behavior is needed. The curve of orgasm seems to be steep and steep.And the orgasm-like orgasm feels more intense, short-lived, irritating, orgasm changes like a tidal wave, a wave of waves, and a mixed orgasm is somewhere in between.

  When a woman reaches orgasm, on the basis of a significant increase in the breast and a blush, the muscles are involuntarily twitched, including a gap of about 0 times in the vagina.

8 seconds of contraction.

The anal sphincter also contracts at the same time.

Sometimes there are physiological changes such as increased breathing, elevated blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and sweating.

Some people can have the performance of contraction implants with vocal muscles?

A sound similar to cockroaches, commonly known as the bed.

  The psychological manifestation of female orgasm is that the inner experience or feeling is different, and the differences between them are prolonged.

Most women recognize?

The orgasm formed by the vagina is not very strong, and the part has a warm feeling and a sense of pressure.

  A woman wrote in the description of orgasm: I can get two forms of orgasm, clitoris orgasm (in masturbation and oral sex), during the process of experiencing this orgasm, I feel that the sex organs are warm, there areFeeling, my muscles became tight and tight, and then a wonderful heat flow from my soles to my head, and then my clitoris also had a sense of explosion.

I will feel fascinated for half an hour or more after the climax.

That feeling is very strong.

I feel the instigation and tremors in the depths, my hands and thighs will become a little numb after the orgasm.

  Causes of complex orgasm disorder Female orgasm disorder is also called female orgasm is suppressed, refers to a normal sexual desire, there is obvious sexual excitement during sexual intercourse, that is, vaginal secretions and genital swelling, but experience orgasm,Less than the highest level of sexual satisfaction.

  In the past, people thought that it was normal for women to not reach orgasm within one or two years after their marriage. At the same time, the harmony between the husband and wife and the skill of sexual skills, the highest realm of this most beautiful sex life was developed.When they come out, women’s desire for sexual life after the orgasm is obviously enhanced. The folk drama is “Thirty like a wolf, and forty is like a tiger.”

  While the peak of male sexual ability is around 20 years old, and has been going downhill since then, it is no wonder that some sexologists have suggested that a 20-year-old male marries a 30-year-old female from the perspective of sexual ability and sexual desire.The boys and girls are the perfect match for each other.

However, in the past decade or so, people’s sexual attitudes have gradually changed. From the substitution of sex to the acceptance of sex, the change of women’s concept is more remarkable.

In fact, the experience of women’s orgasm is obviously advanced. In some women with open minds, there is no such thing as a development process, and the wedding night can also enjoy sexual climax.

  But orgasm is not for everyone, and women who are able to get an orgasm can’t reach orgasm every time they have sex. There are many factors that can affect health.Foreign scholars counted 4% of women who reached orgasm at the time of the new marriage, and 50% of them reached orgasm within a few years. This means that 200 women of childbearing age were investigated and found that 50% had never had an orgasm.

According to another data, 10% of couples’ sexual life meets orgasm, and 48% of them often reach orgasm.


The influence of the concept of eliminating polarity formed during adolescence Many women have received inappropriate sex education during adolescence or childhood. These negative concepts of sexuality are based on psychoanalytic theory, hidden in the subconscious, and sexual attitudes to adulthood.And sexual behavior will have a profound impact.

For example, a daughter who grew up in a divorced family accepted her mother’s point of view and recognized it?

The men in the world are unreliable, and they are all negative.

And blame the existence of men on the existence of men.

When a daughter grows up, she is still able to marry and have children, but she lacks enthusiasm for sex life and naturally does not easily reach orgasm.


If women with poor sexual knowledge want to reach orgasm, they must have corresponding psychological preparations, have good foreplay, and make women reach obvious sexual excitement. Men should caress women’s sexy areas, and should be gradual and eager to seek success.

Men should also understand some signs of female sexual excitement, such as breast enlargement, the appearance of sexual blush, the swelling of the clitoris, the swelling of the labia, the deepening of the stagnation, and the secretion of the vagina.

If you don’t understand these common senses, you are eager to insert the penis, women’s vaginal pain, natural resentful sexual intercourse, not to mention orgasm.


Sexual intercourse is a very private activity. There can be no other people except husband and wife. If the sexual environment is not safe, such as sharing a room with other people, or the windows are not soundproof, worry about the wall or ears.To disturb, etc., will cause mental stress, energy is not easy to concentrate, naturally will affect the arrival of orgasm.

  Modern family couples not only need to close the doors and windows, but also take off the phone, turn off the pager and mobile phone, etc., to ensure that there will be no unexpected surprises.


Physical discomfort or illness Some women are not allowed to have sex at the request of their husbands when they are not feeling well, but they are not satisfied, and they are worried about their husbands’ dissatisfaction. Naturally, they reach orgasm, sometimes due to genital diseases, causing pain during sexual intercourse and affecting orgasm.


Without safe contraceptives, some young men and women have sex while not taking safe and reliable contraceptives, because?

Excessive worry about whether it will cause pregnancy, nervousness, and not likely to reach orgasm.


Early years of bad experiences Individual women have had bad sexual experiences at some point before marriage, such as rape, seduction, and abandonment after premarital sex, so that after formal marriage, the previous experience has a significant impact.

Some women are worried about the hymen problem, which may both be repugnant to sexual behavior and may affect the acquisition of orgasm because of guilt.


Husband sexual dysfunction, some women are completely normal, but the husband has sexual dysfunction, especially premature ejaculation, so that women are almost difficult to reach orgasm, if the husband knows clitoris caress or mouth and genital contact, can make some women reach clitoris orgasmOtherwise, it will not reach the orgasm. The multiple orgasm women who have encountered the same orgasm are recognized by the world, but a large number of women have not obtained a one-time orgasm. It can be said that they have to obtain multiple orgasms.There is a long way to go, and it is a process of hard work and practice.

Whether men have multiple orgasms remains controversial.

The domestic Taoist theory and the ancient house-in-law all promote the preservation of the fine, but do not object to sexual intercourse with the female, and believe that as long as there is no ejaculation, but the woman is also good, the two benefits, and even the Tao.

  This is sexual pleasure and not ejaculation, said?

“Combined without venting.”

Westerners believe that the ancient Chinese were very aware of the difference between ejaculation and non-ejaculation orgasm.

Successfully mastered the technology that met the highest required, avoiding the time of the stubborn period, so that they have more time to exchange, accompanied by many non-ejaculation orgasms.

  In the past, some scholars pointed out that men who are around 18 years old can regain their ejaculation ability when they have no penis completely weak due to the short offset period after ejaculation. Therefore, they can repeat sexual intercourse and obtain multiple orgasms.

  Female orgasm is divided into clitoris type, vaginal type and mixed type, while vaginal type orgasm is also called termination type orgasm. There is satisfaction, no longer wants sexual intercourse. In the spanning period, only clitoris orgasm is easy to recur, so women are multiple.The orgasm is obtained mainly by directly or indirectly stimulating the clitoris.

Of course, long-term sexual intercourse can also occur multiple times of vaginal orgasm.

Is this because?

Women do not have the same problem as male penis after weak ejaculation, which can be cross-linked continuously, and the break is dragged over the “stay period”.

  In order to obtain multiple orgasms, men must find the critical point before ejaculation through continuous training in masturbation or sexual intercourse. If there is obvious pleasure, and the ejaculation threshold is not reached, stop the stimulation, and then repeat it several times, and finally ejaculate.It is equal to an orgasm-free orgasm and an ejaculation orgasm.

In women, we should get more than one clitoris orgasm first, and finally get vaginal orgasm. The former is mainly the means in the process of care, and it is the real sexual intercourse.

  Difficult to synchronize orgasm There are many books that describe the best state of sexual life for both men and women.

This gives people the illusion that it seems that men and women can’t reach orgasm at the same time.
  Starting from the physiological characteristics of men and women, the sex of women should be as early as possible, and the male orgasm should be as late as possible.
This is because women have the ability to have multiple orgasms, prolonged sexual intercourse, and can enjoy the pleasure of multiple orgasms, while male orgasm occurs in general with ejaculation (in special cases, multiple orgasms can occur.In the case of multiple sexual orgasm segmentation, it should be delayed as much as possible. Otherwise, once ejaculation, the arrival of orgasm also means the end of sexual intercourse, and women will no longer have the opportunity to obtain orgasm.

  From the physiological point of view, male ejaculation is similar to female orgasm.

But only men will premature ejaculation?

Sexual dysfunction, and treatment, men’s late ejaculation is often seen as a strong sexual performance without treatment, women’s “premature ejaculation” (sexual orgasm is fast) is recognized?

Is it a sign of normal or sexual ability, and female late discharge (not easy to reach orgasm) is fixed?

Sexual dysfunction requires treatment.

The same thing, whether it is normal or not, is really a bit funny.

The reason is precisely that people want to try to combine two events that are both easy to happen at the same time.

  In normal sexual life, men should try to control and extend the time of ejaculation, and the armor reaches orgasm before the woman.

The standard practice is to make women first reach the orgasm form of orgasm. This process mainly relies on caressing, and the contact between the hand or mouth and the genitals is the key to reaching the clitoris orgasm. Sexual intercourse can directly and indirectly stimulate the clitoris and will continue the clitoris orgasm.May induce vaginal orgasm.

Eventually end the sexual life with a vaginal orgasm.

  Male ejaculation time is close to female vaginal orgasm time, not completely synchronized.

Some people are more willing to clearly experience the vaginal contraction and tight embrace of female orgasm and the satisfaction of the “calling bed” sound, which makes men unable to bear and control before they have to ejaculate, and it is more accelerated when they reach orgasm.

  In general, the synchronization of orgasm is good. If it is not synchronized, but both men and women are satisfied, and finally reach the orgasm is still perfect and normal. Do not regard the so-called synchronous orgasm as the goal, so that it has alreadyA perfect sex life casts a shadow.