[Foods to help children grow taller]_Increase_Species

[Foods to help children grow taller]_Increase_Species

Many occupations limit the height of the applicant. In order to give children a variety of choices in the future, parents will pay attention to the growth and development of the child.

There are many foods that can help children grow taller. Parents can let their children eat more foods that help grow taller, so that height can be solved without medication.

Dairy products and soy products are foods rich in calcium, which can promote the growth of children’s bones.

First, the growth of dairy products depends on the growth and development of bones. The growth of long bones in the lower limbs is most closely related to height.

In other words, only when the bone marrow cells in the long bones continue to grow, the human body will grow taller.

Calcium and phosphorus are the main components of bones, so you should add milk, shrimp skin, leafy greens, kelp, and laver, which are rich in calcium and phosphorus.

Bone growth is inseparable from calcium. Milk is very high in calcium. A glass of milk every morning and evening and a cup of yogurt after lunch are the best way to supplement calcium, and digestion and absorption are good. Let your child drink 500 ml of milk every day to promote growth.

Milk also has a certain sleep-aid effect. It is good to let your child drink a cup of pure warm milk before going to bed.

Younger or newly weaned children can choose child nutrition formula.

Because it is scientifically artificially proportioned, it is close to the nutritional content of breast milk and is easy to absorb.

Children of other ages can drink plain milk, yogurt, and cheese.

It should be noted that sweet and sour milk drinks are not milk, and the main ingredient is water.

Second, soy products Beans are the only plant foods that can be distinguished from animal foods. They have high protein, high feces and high conversion. They have always been loved by health care professionals and vegetarians.Toxic to humans.

Here are some common soy products.

1. Tofu: The protein content of water tofu is about 7.

2%, old tofu 10.


Tofu contains protein and impurities, known as “vegetable meat”, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness, clearing the lungs and skin, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Tofu is easily digested and absorbed by the body, and it is a good way to supplement high-quality protein for the elderly and infirm.

Tofu, as a food with both medicine and medicine, has many functions such as improving qi and tonicity.

Therefore, eating tofu often can protect the liver, promote body metabolism, increase immunity and have a detoxifying effect.

2. Dried tofu: The content of protein in dried tofu accounts for about 17%. The lecithin contained can remove the plasma attached to the blood vessel wall, prevent vascular sclerosis, prevent cardiovascular disease, and protect the heart; it contains a variety of minerals,Calcium supplementation prevents osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency and promotes bone development, which is extremely beneficial to the growth of bones in children and the elderly.

Soy and dairy products are both good sources of high-quality protein.

Protein is the foundation of life. The proliferation of bone cells, muscles, and organs are inseparable from protein.

The faster the human body grows and develops, the more protein needs to be added. Fish, shrimp, lean meat, poultry eggs, peanuts, and soy products are all high-quality proteins, so you should pay more attention to them.

In addition, children should eat an egg every day because eggs contain essential nutrients such as protein, trace amounts, sugars, vitamins and inorganic salts, which are easily digested and absorbed by the body.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Especially vitamin C is more.

Improve the immunity.

Don’t underestimate some green leafy vegetables. The calcium content is not low.